Guided tours to the best kept secrets of restaurants and eateries in the heart of Barcelona.

Guided food tours to the best kept secrets of restaurants and eateries in the heart of Barcelona.

You don’t want to take the risk of ending up in tourist traps, where food is expensive and not well prepared, do you? Are you keen to taste the genuine food and drinks of the region, and to hear all about Spanish and Catalan cuisine? Do you want to discover the culinary aspects of the city and maybe learn some new recipes for taking back home?

If this is so, then come join the culinary tours of Barcelona. The are in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese and Russian. The tours take you to places where locals eat and buy their food, and avoid overcrowded tourist haunts avoid overcrowded tourist haunts like the Ramblas and similar places.There are no special agreements with the bars visited. We support the small family business and pay the  regular price of the tapas as every normal customer. Even in bad weather the tours go ahead regardless sun or rain! All tours can also be enjoyed by vegetarians. Compare prices!
Our tours are nearly half the price of other culinary walks in Barcelona!

There are never more than 12 people in any one group. If your group has more people, we can provide you with various guides.
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Tapas Tour

Tapas Tour Barcelona

A guided food tour to the secret culinary places in the heart of Barcelona

4 visits to restaurants, bars and speciality food stores. Introduction to catalan food culture by local guides.

Gourmet Tapas Tour

A guided walk for pampered food lovers

Get to taste tapas and wine in 4 selected bars in the gothic quarter and Born

Chocolate Cava Tour

Chocolate Cava Tour

A sparkling tour to the finest chocolateries in Barcelona, plus Cava

Two things for gourmets, which add surprisingly well: finest dark chocolate, made by the best chocolatiers from Catalunya, complemented by Cava, made in Catalunya!

A Bit of The Tapas Tours Barcelona!