Gourmet Tapas Tour

Private Tour A guided walk for pampered food lovers

A guided walk for pampered food lovers

This is an exclusive tour for food lovers who have enjoyed many foods and who want to discover the way  the chefs of Barcelona prepare their tapas.

It is a gourmet food tour, so you will be pampered with the best tapas in town. You will taste specialities of different spanish regions, inluding andalucia, basque country and catalonia. We will visit 4 bars. In each place several tapas are served, including fish, seafood, sausage and cheese. The last stop will be a cafe where coffee or cava and home made chocolate is served. The tour ends only five minutes away from the beach. So you can chill on the beach, listen to the sound of the waves and watch the sunset over the city after your tour.

Food and drinks are not included in the tour price. Please calculate to spend around 45 Euro for all 4 bars altogether.

The tour starts wednesday and friday at 7 pm in front of Hotel Ohla
Via Laietana 49, Metro: Urquinaona.

Tour duration: 2 hours.

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